21 February,

Uebel und Gefarlich,

Hamburg, DE

I will create a show. Which i cann “live vinyl remixing” Is the process when i use old vinyl collection i have from acapelas and orchestral music around the world, to sample it live and create unique sound together with beat mashines and organic instruments.

26 Marth,

Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic Dance. i ll Get to gide you in your body. Sober, Meditative and intence

9 Marth
Sinai Club

Wonderful place in Sinai, Egypt. I will share my vibration with you. Waiting for old and new friends!

1-3 Mai, Paradise Symbiosis Festival,

Hamburg, DE

Paradise Symbiosis festival. Its not only a party. We create a connection between invormental topics, music and dance. With soul and love offering you to experience a wonderful downtempo festival with workshops, party and live performances.

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The time
where there
are no shadows
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My vibes is influencing this mysterious time and my music is about multi-layers of illusions determine our life. As dance our life is an illusion and how you will imagine your dance, as it will be. Here and Now in the moment of your inner trip we generate moment of unity between all life visible and invisible.


And Energy Flow. Open your heart and manifest the beauty of your life. Use my music for all of this, expand your consciousness and enjoy…

I have three different way of performing:

Hybrid Dj’ing
It’s a performance and dj set in one pot. Organic Percussions, Custom made Flutes and my voice distorted and deformed.

concerts is another way of performing. Often it is a collaborations with another artists. Each of the session is unique and almost never repeats again.

Vinyl Live Remixing
through my sample/beat machines and create live remixes, altering the music unpredictably.My vinyl collection includes moderns multi cultural and downtempo beats, mixed with rare vintage music, choirs and ethnical orchestras from all over the world.

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I play Hybrid Dj. I mix music fits to the venue together with organic instruments like percussions, flutes and my voice. Sound is running thru effect and loop station. All together music creates a peak, which is powering playback mix and energizing dance floor.