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My passion is to create music in the moment. 
 Being influenced by atmosphere around , energy flow, my own mind , soul and body conditions. And this moment represented in this music, which is never repeated again 


We all like results, but result is not enough. Be in the moment. Enjoy the Process. Live in Process. Experience your self in creation and Share this. Meditation as such thru music and dance. In touch of this, Human is creating frequency and revive the Mother Planet with it.


Bliz Nochi and Group of artists and friends come together to make Paradise Symbiosis Festival, which is taking place in Hamburg , Gängeviertel. Small and cozy electronic festival influenced by ethnical, downtempo, experimental techno music. Trance as state of mind.


My music is welcoming for collaboration artists sharing same idea. Im working with Filip Piskorzynski, Tisko, Tante Dante, Meeresrausch Festival, Gängeviertel, Canal Dub, Moloch, Südpol and many others